What’s Your Essence?

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flowers1Do you have a deep inner knowing that you are here to serve a purpose?  Are you struggling to find out what your purpose is?  As an intuitive coach and healer, I use a wide variety of tools and techniques to help clients discover their purpose.  I often start, however, with one simple question… “What’s your essence?”  This question is so important because in order to discover your purpose it is essential to explore your essence.

The definition of essence is the fundamental nature or quality of a substance.  Therefore, your essence is comprised of your distinct characteristics and traits.  It’s your unique nature that you bring to this world.  It’s the energy of your soul.  Your essence is not about what you do, it is about who you are.

As you tap into your soul essence, your true nature becomes highly visible to others.  You become authentic and empowered.  By learning to embrace your uniqueness and impart your gifts without reservation, you not only find your purpose but also awaken your destiny.

To allow your essence to emerge, make room in your life for contemplation.  Spend time reflecting on the following three key questions.

Question 1:  Who am I?

This question is not about what matters to the external world such as your name, your career, marital status or your income.  Instead, this question is designed to trigger a much deeper level of thought.  It’s about remembering why you have chosen this lifetime.  It’s also about exploring how you can use your own innate talents and wisdom to serve others.

Sometimes it’s easier to find out who you are by instead asking “Who am I NOT?”  Because of your upbringing and societal beliefs you may have fallen into certain lifestyles subconsciously.  Letting go of the expectations and desires of others is integral to finding your purpose.

Question 2:  What makes me happy?

What makes you happy in life?  What do you desire?  What gives you passion?  If you were to play all day long, how would you spend your time? What kinds of activities bring you joy?  Also, reflect on your priorities.  What are your priorities and why are they so important?  When is the last time you considered your priorities?  Have they changed recently?  If so why?

Question 3:  How am I different from others?

Do you hide your unique qualities from others due to insecurity and fear?  Have you tried to conceal your differences behind a mask of normalcy?  It’s those hidden traits that are most likely the most treasured aspects to be revealed and shared publicly.  How are you different from others?  What makes you unique?  It is only by expressing your true self creatively, that you can accomplish your greatest potential.

Just like every human has an essence, every flower does too.  Several flower essences such as impatiens, honeysuckle and holly are used for healing purposes.  Flower essences are created by distilling the flower in purified water.  As the flower’s substance infuses into the water, the water begins to embody the same qualities as the original flower.  Imagine the same process happening for you.  Think of your soul as the flower and you are the water.  As you instill more of your soul’s energy, your essence becomes amplified.  Once you extract your true essence from spirit into matter, you are well on your way to fulfilling your purpose!


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