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Divine SelfYour Divine Self knows the deeper meaning behind your challenges and your joys, your successes and your failures.  It is aware of the role you have in the unfolding of the divine plan.  Therefore, transcending ego-based consciousness and becoming your Divine Self is essential to finding your purpose and awakening your destiny.

What is the Divine Self?  The Divine Self, (the Higher Self) is your soul.  It is your expanded self; the loving and compassionate inner being. It is the wise teacher that exists within.  It is the very essence of who you are.  Your Divine Self is a multi-dimensional Being, providing continuity between Spirit and your personality.  The presence you feel within the third dimension is only one small aspect of the Omnipotent Being that infinitely exists.

Your ego, (the Lower Self), is an aspect of the mind.  It develops based on experiences from the outside world. The ego is comprised of defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive, and executive functions.  It helps you organize your thoughts and make sense of the world.  The ego is necessary for survival within the third dimension.   Without an ego you would instantly become one with All That Is. The ego defines what is “real”.  The ego is not bad or good, it just is.

Although the ego is necessary for existence, it becomes a hindrance when it is the primary mode of operation.  The ego’s false need to be in control often creates struggle, conflict, limitations and blockages.  To transcend ego-based consciousness and become your Divine Self, practice the following five tools and techniques:

1.  Listen to after thoughts: The ego reacts initially to situations. Ego thoughts are loud – sometimes defensive and other times offensive. The wisdom of the Divine Self emerges afterwards as soft, internal whispers of the soul. Whereas the ego may be critical or judgmental, the Divine Self offers compassionate wisdom and insight.

2.  Lose your Mind: As you lose your mind you release your ego. You break down destructive patterns, release limiting behaviors, identify the shadow that has been denied, and destroy any limitations that have held you back.

Messages that emerge from your Divine Self might surprise you. You may even dismiss the ideas as “absurd” or “crazy”. Because perspectives from the Divine Self are not limited by constraints or conditioning, the insights are usually outside the norm and may appear ridiculous or impossible. Allow your beliefs to expand.

3.  Trust Synchronicity: Your Divine Self communicates through intuition and feelings. As you merge with your Divine Self, you experience increased synchronicities. Through interactions with people, books, movies, etc., you will receive insights, guidance and deeper understanding of the bigger picture.

4.  Go with the Flow: When you merge with your Divine Self, you co-create with Divine Will. Therefore, there is a balance between feeling carried by an underlying current and using your own will to manifest results. No “force” is necessary when you are in alignment with the Divine Will; only the follow-through of “guided actions”. Remind yourself that all actions seem easy, effortless and powerful when you are in alignment with the Divine Will.

5.  Expect Miracles: As you create through your Divine Self, (not your ego), you draw the essence of the creation, in its’ purest form, into this dimension. These results are so powerful they can only be explained as miracles.

In closing, it helps to remember that as you merge with your Divine Self, the words you speak and the thoughts that you have increase in power.  In expanded realms, every thought, sound and spoken word produces strong effects.  Therefore, maintaining an open heart in every situation ensures the highest possible outcome for all those involved.

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