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Topic: Bumbling, Mumbling and Stumbling

Although it is humbling to be bumbling, mumbling and stumbling, much can be learned from facing obstacles and overcoming challenges.

* Discover 5 hidden benefits of frustrating setbacks

* Explore the “Humpty Dumpty Theory”

* Learn invaluable techniques for overcoming obstacles

* Identify the internal fears that create external blockages

Topic: Everyday Drag Queens

Everyday Drag Queens are not who you think they are… Are your closest friends, family, neighbors and peers unintentionally dragging you down?

* Uncover the 5 indications of ‘drag’

* Identify 7 types of “Drag Queens”

* Learn powerful practices to overcome resistance

* Discover why the appearance of “Drag Queens” increases as your attempts to fly become more visible

Topic: Pop Goes the Weasel

Have your creative ideas been unfairly criticized? Are your good intentions being misunderstood? Have your accomplishments been undermined? Or, has your voice been silenced? Sometimes your ability to push beyond limiting constraints emphasizes other’s inability to do so. Therefore, in defense, they unconsciously attack in surprising ways.

* What are psychic assaults and why do they happen?

* What are the indications that your chakras have been impacted?

* Discover valuable tools for healing and restoring balance to your energetic field.

* Learn how to anticipate psychic assaults and practice protection techniques.

Topic: Hide and Seek & Peek a Boo, I See You

Silence and secrecy are powerful tools for achieving lofty goals and increasing influence. Yet, they are overlooked by almost all self help experts. Discover when and why it can be advantageous to play these strategically advanced games to get ahead in your pursuits!

* Identify the five golden rules of Hide and Seek

* Become a master at “Disappearing Acts”

* Learn three easy steps for playing Peek a Boo, I See You most effectively

Topic: The Test of Faith

Perhaps there is no harder test to prepare for than the TEST of FAITH. Let’s study together to discover how YOU can become an expert at taking this extremely challenging test.

* Why is the Test of Faith an inevitable requirement for the School of Life?

* What are the trick questions “Bursting at the Seems” and “Dissed Appointment”?

* When does it make sense to “Give Up” altogether?

* What is the ultimate True or False question that is worth the most points of all?

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