Sacred Ceremonies

Designing Your Own Sacred Ceremonies, Blessings and Rituals – coming soon!

Beach Glory istockphoto60 minute CD (MP3) and workbook (PDF)

Rituals and ceremonies have been used throughout history as a way of focusing energy and intention, and raising the frequency related to a situation.  Learn how you can create meaningful rituals related to your own life circumstances, such as:  moving, starting a business, ending a relationship, manifesting abundance, pregnancy, blessing a new house, enhancing family closeness, and more.


This hour-long playshop will teach you how to imbue healing, magic, and intention into your life by creating your own rituals and sacred ceremonies.  We will discuss the following: * What is the purpose and benefit of performing ceremonies and rituals? * What are the tools available? * How do you design your own ceremony, blessing or ritual?

A sample guided meditation is designed to allow you to also participate in a very special ceremony on the inner planes.  Be prepared to be creative and inspired!

*The workbook includes corresponding notes along with practical tools and a template to use when designing your own sacred ceremonies.

Electronic copy: $20 (Audio – MP3, Workbook – PDF). Link to files is shared after purchase transaction has been completed.

Physical copy: $25 plus shipping (CD and Workbook). Package is shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase.


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