Embracing Change

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Embracing Change

How do you know when a relationship has ended, you’ve outgrown a job, or a dream you’re pursuing is not going to come true, and it is time to move on? What steps can you take to positively move forward? How do you cope with the challenging emotions that are an inevitable part of the process?


60 Minute CD (MP3) and Workbook (PDF)

* Understand indications of pending endings
* Discover 5 Steps – Moving through Change
* Explore practical tools and techniques for coping with change
* Uncover 3 Hidden Blessings of tumultuous change



* includes workbook, intuitive messages shared for group, and questions and answers time

Electronic copy: $20 (Audio – MP3, Workbook – PDF). Link to files is shared after purchase transaction has been completed. *See Note Below 

To download the PDF and MP3 files, wait 5-10 seconds for the paypal transaction to complete. You will then be returned to the download page.

Physical copy $25 (includes shipping) (CD and Workbook).
Package is shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase. 



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