Build Your Dreams

Build Your Dreams – coming soon!

Spade and bucket at the beach


60 minute CD (MP3) and workbook (PDF)

IMAGINE that you could have anything you wanted, right here – right now.  What would it be?  This experiential playshop is designed to help you uncover your deepest desires and manifest them as your REALITIES, using a wide variety of healing modalities.

“Wish-full” Thinking
* Creating the ideal environment for playful dreaming
* Tools and techniques for uncovering the soul desires
* Exploring potential reasons for resistance to soul desires

Ready, Set, Action!
* Overcoming Inner Fears and Doubts
* Moving through Outer Obstacles and Setbacks

Sample Meditations:
* The Magic Sandbox
* Learning to Soar

*The workbook includes corresponding notes along with practical tools/exercises that can be used on a daily basis.

Electronic copy: $20 (Audio – MP3, Workbook – PDF). Link to files is shared after purchase transaction has been completed.

Physical copy: $25 plus shipping (CD and Workbook). Package is shipped within 24-48 hours of purchase.


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