Magical Healing Horses

Magical Healing Horses

Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it!” ~ Natasha Alexander

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Healing Horses free digitalWhen you venture into the world of healing horses, your heart will be touched in such a profound way, that you’ll never be the same.  These emotionally and socially intelligent creatures offer so much unconditional love and healing, they literally bring heaven to earth.

My miraculous healing experience happened at Serendipity Stables in West Mansfield, Ohio.  Before then, I had very little exposure to horses.  Other than admiring their beauty from the side of a country road and a couple of childhood horseback rides, my interaction with horses was minimal.But a heart-to-heart bond formed in October 2011.  While speaking at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio, synchronicity (or perhaps – serendipity) gifted my sister and me with a private tour of Serendipity Stables.  Because it’s a non-profit organization, Dr. Michele Davis, relies on donations to keep the stables going.  Her dedication and hard work provide a constant reminder of what “servitude” is all about.

Entering the stables was like stepping into nature’s cathedral.  The energy was deep, rich, loving and warm.  After talking about Serendipity Stables, Star, one of the horses, announced that she was ready to work her magic by banging on her stable door and nodding her head.  Michele communicated telepathically with Star and offered us some advice.  As Star locked eyes with me, the healing began.  I physically felt her pulling out old emotional pain and leftover “gunk” from my heart.  Star, through Michele, spoke about buried details from my past and I unexpectedly burst into convulsive tears.  Very old wounds were being healed.

After my healing was complete, I watched Star lift some heavy burdens from my sister’s shoulders. My sister became noticeably lighter in spirit.

Star touched my soul on that brisk fall day.  Her “heartprint” forever remains.  Even though we are miles apart, she is always nearby.  I still communicate with Star.  She has become a personal companion and compassionate guide.

For anyone on the journey of healing to wholeness, I highly recommend Serendipity Stables. There is no sweeter path to opening your heart, releasing your defenses and building intimate connections.  Thank you, Serendipity Stables, Michele and the healing horses, for making this world a better place one fragile person at a time!

Note:  Serendipity Stables welcomes visitors at Open Houses, which occur the second Sunday of each month.  Private sessions can also be scheduled.  There are ongoing animal communications workshops.  The book, “Magical Mac, the True Story of a Healing Horse” is also available for purchase.  Donations are tax deductible.  Serendipity Stables is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.



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