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Chakra Yoga Fine ArtWith the increased popularity of yoga and an elevated focus on healthy living, there is a deeper appreciation for the impact of chakras in our daily lives.  As a life coach and healer, I’m often asked by clients, “How do I know if my chakras are in balance?”

The answer is simple.  When your chakras are in balance, you are more likely to be living a healthy, happy and balanced life.

The chakras are the gateway between our inner lives and our outer realities. Each chakra operates as a valve, regulating the flow of energy through our entire system.  These valves open wider or close down based on how we choose to respond to conditions in our lives.  Therefore, our thoughts, diet, physical activity, emotions and our spiritual meditative practices all have a profound influence on our chakras.

Whenever any chakra becomes imbalanced, the flow of energy through the valve becomes excessive or deficient.  As your seven chakras regain balance, however, significant personal growth is the result.  Below are examples of the transformation and healing that can occur as each chakra becomes balanced.

Root chakra – When your root chakra is balanced, you feel healthy and nourished.  You have a well-toned body and you are comfortable in your shoes.  You have the courage to move into unknown territory and cover new ground.  And, despite any past or future opposition, you have the ability to stay on your path.

Sacral chakra – When your sacral chakra is balanced, you have healthy boundaries.  The expectations of others are not enmeshed with your own.  Others cannot drain you of time, energy or inspiration.  Also, you do not need the approval of others to be who you are.

Solar Plexus chakra – When your solar plexus is balanced, your will is strong.  You feel confident and have strong determination.  You know that you have the ability to manifest positive results.  And, you take full responsibility for making your dreams come true.  Your charisma and warmth attracts others to you.  You become an irresistible magnet for success.

Heart chakra – When your heart chakra is balanced, your feminine energy is balanced with your masculine energy.  You know when to give and when to receive.  Your actions are mirrored by receptivity.  You are grounded and yet fully in tune with Spirit.  You are governed by your authentic self.

Throat chakra – When your throat chakra is balanced, your creativity flourishes.  Because your communication skills are strong, your voice is clear and has a strong resonance.  You are able to listen to valuable input from others.  Also, you encourage forward movement by promoting positive ideas.

Brow chakra – When your brow chakra is in balance, you see everything clearly.  You are insightful and intuitive.  And, you see how your dreams fit into the bigger picture.  You are able to read people.  You can see what remains hidden to others.  And, you have integrated your own shadow.

Crown chakra – When your crown chakra is balanced, you are deeply inspired and you successfully inspire others.  Because you are connected to your Higher Self, you have much wisdom and deeper understanding into all situations.  You are intelligent too and can easily solve problems with your sharp mind.  You remain open-minded and curious and avoid skepticism.  You have a deep sense of spiritual well-being and purpose.

When all of your chakras are balanced, you are strong enough to move forward in exciting new directions.  This is also when synchronicities and miracles occur more frequently.  You will feel deeply inspired to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.


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