G.P.S. = God’s Positioning System

G.P.S. = God’s Positioning System

navigationAs you venture into new directions, the path may not always be clear.  If you are used to operating with logic, you may experience an adjustment period when your intuition becomes your primary navigational tool.

You can improve your communication with your spiritual team members by asking for specific help, remaining open to receiving the messages and acting upon the messages you receive. 

Think of a car with a navigational system.  You are the driver but you are relying on the system to lead you to your destination.  You receive messages when you need to turn or change directions.  And, when you are on a highway for a long time, there are just some periodic messages encouraging you to continue moving forward.  If you are not receiving any messages to change your direction, trust that you are making steady progress towards your destination. 

Be patient though, it takes time to learn how to listen to the internal cues such as keep moving forward, changing direction or stop for a rest.

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