This book is for anyone who has a passion and deep desire to make this world a better place.  There is something for everyone in this book. Whether you are an advanced spiritual warrior attempting to grow your business and increase your influence, or you are a novice to metaphysical self help, this book will be your guiding light.  For those of you well versed in the world of spirituality, you will find this book different from all the others.  It offers advanced strategies and sophisticated maneuvers often overlooked within the conscious wellness arena.  And, the teachings are designed to integrate the body, mind, emotion and spirit. For those who are not seasoned spiritual seekers, this book will hopefully ignite curiosity and open your mind to greater awareness.  Because there are unlimited paths to deeper understanding, this book incorporates vast amounts of sacred knowledge and a wide variety of tools and techniques.  Hopefully, you will feel inspired to uncover more of the hidden mysteries that make life miraculous.

A Playdate with DestinyWhy did I choose to write this book? I am a spiritual teacher. I help people heal. To support this declaration, I have degrees, certification and training. And, I have significant years of experience as a coach and healer. I have delivered numerous lectures and facilitated countless workshops. However, to me, none of that matters, because a teacher and healer is who I am, not what I am. From the depth of my soul and within every cell of my body I integrate this truth.


Some, who know me well, say I was born to teach. My own spiritual quest began at a very young age. In my youth, I was fascinated with energy and wished I could be psychic. I sensed the existence of much unspoken knowledge. My thirst for greater awareness led me to the occult to discover mysticism. I did not want to become an expert in just one area; I yearned to understand as much about as many different topics as possible. Any area within the metaphysical field was intriguing. I studied astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, psychic experiences, energy, alternative healing therapies, and much more. Ancient cultures fascinated me. And, I was drawn to tools of divination. I bought my first Tarot deck in my early twenties and still continue to build my collection. I have explored several more tools including the Runes, I Ching, Pendulum, and Psychometry.

I have always had a heartfelt desire to help others. However, I appreciate that I can’t help others until I help myself. I have come to understand the age-old adage, “Teachers learn what they are meant to teach.” During the last three years, I have been blessed with amazing insights and painful challenges, solidifying my expertise. I had already laid a solid foundation in life, having healed many old wounds and accomplishing fulfilling work as a coach and healer. However, my own path towards destiny rapidly accelerated when I was called to serve on a much grander scale. As I moved into uncharted territory, I was ill-prepared for the obstacles that arose. I was unaware of the necessary steps and delicate navigation required. No “expert” sufficiently guided me through this rough terrain. No resources were available to address my specific questions and concerns. Nobody had the knowledge I was seeking. Therefore, I was forced to dig deep and find all the answers within.

Pursuing destiny is exciting, exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. I now know what it takes to move into greater action and higher service. Therefore, I offer these unique experiences, teachings and exercises to you in hopes that my gained wisdom will ease your way.

This book identifies actions to take and pitfalls to avoid on your journey to success. You will learn how to anticipate the inevitable resistance that accompanies your decision to move beyond the normal constraints and conditioning of society. You will receive rare insights into the subtle stages of new beginnings and learn valuable techniques for reaching lofty goals. Powerful practices are designed to help you clarify your intentions, uplift your energy and properly prepare you for the achievement of your dreams. And most importantly, you will feel inspired to incorporate more fun, joy and humor into your adventure.

The timing of these messages is extremely important. I am not the only person being called into higher service; many of us are. As we dangle on the precipice of “The Age of Enlightenment,” the status quo is changing. Because of the powerful emerging energies impacting our world, we are being urged to break through limitations and blaze new trails. Whether you are a social entrepreneur, creative innovator, revolutionary thought leader, or everyday visionary, use this book as your official guide for putting dreams into action. It is my greatest wish to help you stay brave, optimistic and insightful as you properly prepare to accomplish your own magnificent destiny.


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