This is your time to play.  All you have to do is express your own unique joy.  And, as you perform your play, Destiny arrives to play along with you.

stateofblissDestiny’s Playmates

This is a tale about Destiny and her playmates.  There once were two playful girls.  Together they wandered along.  They were the perfect playmates as they kept each other company.

Joy was an enthusiastic soul.  Her spirits were always high.  She followed her heart and played all day long.  She only did what she felt inspired to do, nothing else.  Her heart was her compass.  When she felt excited about playing, she followed through.  But, if the game she once enjoyed playing began losing its luster, she moved on to the next.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Happiness was Joy’s playmate.  She was a delightful soul, always in good humor.  Wherever Joy went, Happiness followed.  Joy always led them in the right direction.  Together, they made the perfect combination.

Then one day along came amazing Grace who was unique, and added balance to the group. She was soft and elegant, subtle and considerate.  Just being in her presence was healing and she touched everyone she met.  With Grace, beauty and finesse were amplified.  She was a gift from God.

When Joy, Happiness and Grace were combined, it was a mystical union.  Because the sacredness was above what each individual offered, holy Trinity emerged.  Trinity brought a special sanctity to the group.

Amazing Grace then introduced her twin sister.  Mercy was generous, tolerant and softhearted.  She was a kind and benevolent soul, whose compassion and sympathy invoked forgiveness wherever needed.

The tenderness of Grace and Mercy allowed Divinity to emerge.  She was a blessing and her celestial presence was heavenly.  As a guardian spirit, Divinity was naturally devoted to the highest good of everyone involved.

Attracted by the divine nature, a couple of girls named Epiphany suddenly appeared.   Their visits were sporadic and unpredictable.  But they always offered brilliant intuitive perceptions.  Although they never stayed very long, their flashes of insight left lasting impressions on everyone.  With each Epiphany, there was a deeper understanding and enhanced wisdom.

The sudden revelations and increased awareness of Epiphany allowed Harmony to emerge.  With Harmony’s kinship, everyone always got along.  Her serene presence brought a certain tranquility and peace.  Once Harmony arrived, she forever remained.

Attracted by Harmony’s unity and good will, two more girls joined the group.  Hope had a confidence about her that always allowed her to look at the bright side of life.  Faith was self-assured and trusted in a Higher Power.  Hope and Faith never got lost.

Patience had been forgotten until the presence of Hope and Faith.  Her calming presence was a virtue.  Everybody relaxed when Patience was around.

Since this brilliant cluster of playmates was becoming so light-filled, Star was born.  Star shined brightly; a beacon of light for all in existence.

And finally, Destiny arrived.  Once Star was born, Destiny’s entrance became inevitable.  There was a certainty and a force about Destiny that went beyond explanation.  She had an air about her that felt big and powerful because her fate was written in the stars.  Destiny never took no for an answer and she always brought good fortune with her, wherever she went.

In Summary:

The Moral of the Story

Always follow Joy and you will feel Happiness and be touched by amazing Grace.  Such sacredness creates a holy Trinity, allowing you to feel full of Mercy. Then blessed by heaven above with Divinity, Epiphanies will suddenly appear leaving lasting impressions. Because of deeper understanding, Harmony will peacefully emerge and forever remain.  Then, you will gain Hope and Faith.  Once found, they are never lost.  But, don’t forget to include Patience; patience is virtuous.  With so much power, depth and wisdom a Star will be born.  Your light will shine so brightly that you will become a beacon for all.  Finally, you will have your date with Destiny, which brings good fortune.  No longer can your fate be denied!

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