Playdate With Destiny

A Playdate with DestinyWhile simultaneously pursuing the publishing of her first book “Awakening to the Light Within” and launching Lights On®, Amy Tang gleaned unconventional wisdom about putting dreams into action.  Although rapidly on the rise to success now, years of financial woes, repetitive “no’s”, and judgmental blows threatened the belief in herself and her faith in the higher good.

This book is for all revolutionary thought leaders, creative innovators, artistic healers, social entrepreneurs and “everyday visionaries” who dare to play BIG.  Using edgy humor and tantalizing quips along with powerful practices and tangible tools, “A Playdate with Destiny” paves the way for all inspired dreamers who have a passionate desire to make the world a better place.

  • Discover the hidden benefits of Bumbling, Mumbling and Stumbling
  • Learn how and why to play Hide and Seek and Peek a Boo, I See You
  • Identify ways to overcome resistance from everyday “Drag Queens”
  • Explore what it means to truly blossom.


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