Awakening Introduction


Do you wonder what your purpose is?  Have you always yearned for more but not sure why?  Or, are you consciously aware of your hopes and dreams but find yourself unable to pursue them because of perceived roadblocks, fear of failure, or an inability to move from dreams into action?

Front Cover AwakeningIf you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.  Most of us share the same intuitive knowledge that we are here to serve a purpose.  For me, this truth has been tucked safely inside my heart since the day I was born.  The premonition that I was going to positively influence countless lives became all-consuming at times.   As a child, I cheerfully declared, “I’m going to inspire millions of people!” to family members. I was excited about the potential, even though I didn’t have a clue how I was going to do it.

Unfortunately however, my desire to impact the masses became insignificant compared to the need to survive the seemingly insurmountable difficulties of daily life.  Painful experiences and unpredictable hardships threatened to destroy my optimism and relinquish all hope.  But, even in the midst of deep despair, my sense of purpose and destiny never wavered.  At seventeen years of age, on bended knee beside my bed, I begged God to use me.  “Help me be an inspiration to others.”  I prayed.  Humbly, I promised that if I could be resilient enough to heal and become whole, I would help others do the same.

This promise has taken decades to fulfill.  Healing doesn’t always happen instantaneously.  Often, a combination of reflection, contemplation, grace and miracles is required.  And, healing has no endpoint.  Even though I’ve shed layers upon layers of anger, doubt, frustration, grief, insecurity, fear, and now live most days in peace, healing still continues to magically unfold as my relationship with myself and others continues to grow and nourish.

We are fortunate to be living in an unprecedented time when we are all transforming.  Our conscious awareness is growing daily and our human nature is evolving rapidly.  As we birth the “Age of Light” together, we are all being called upon individually to outgrow limitations and pioneer new pathways to greater understanding and healthier living.  The evolution of our entire human race is dependent upon the personal transformation of each individual.

Awakening to the Light Within is the culmination of the many lessons learned on the perilous journey from hopelessness to happiness.   Use it as your toolkit for personal transformation.  Not only will this book help you find your purpose, overcome fear, remove roadblocks and avoid inertia.  But it also paves a powerful pathway to healing and wholeness.

Each chapter provides invaluable resources to assist you in living a more peaceful, fulfilling, and joyous life.  Some of these practices, such as silence and gratitude, are so simple you may initially underestimate their value.  But, with further understanding of the inherent sacred wisdom, you’ll hopefully feel inspired to harness the magical power these techniques offer.  Other tools such as becoming empowered, accepting transformation, and opening your heart, are initiations into higher levels of awareness.  Integrating this spiritual knowledge into daily living facilitates an awakening.  And, as you tap into your true essence you find your calling.  Finally, with strength, confidence and wisdom, you will be prepared to take a quantum leap into your own dazzling destiny.

Your purpose is more powerful than you could ever imagine.  Inner peace and happiness are attainable and exist within you already.  The personal stories, teachings and exercises in this book are designed to help you remember who you are.  As you explore your own truths and integrate them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you will release the limitations and blockages that have prevented you from achieving your greatest potential.

During the seven years spent writing this book, I coached numerous individuals struggling with many of the issues identified in the following chapters.  I am grateful to each one for allowing me the privilege of working with them.  Because of their willingness to reveal vulnerabilities and reflect within, I gained deeper insights into the subtle intricacies of personal transformation.  Thus, these teachings have been delicately woven into a universal perspective for all who journey inward.

This book was difficult to write.  Not only due to the emotional personal stories shared.  But also because the topics covered are thought-provoking and invoke forthright contemplation.   This book comprises an entire lifetime of learning, exploration and reflection.   No matter how many books I choose to write in the future, Awakening to the Light Within will always have a special place in my heart.  Upon completion, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment has emerged.  I could not have written this book if I were not “living on purpose”.

Now, my greatest hope is that this book inspires you to find your own joy, passion, contentment and peace.  Your soul has chosen to participate in this fascinating adventure called life for one major purpose, to enhance your spiritual growth.  As you awaken to the light within, shine brilliantly as a beacon in the fog, and broadcast hope and love to us all.

“You are the light of the world.”   Matthew 5:14


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