Awakening Excerpt


Open your heart; let the flame ignite
For your soul is beginning its precious flight

Flying high, you are learning to soar
To places you’ve never been before

This marks the beginning of a wondrous time
When hope and love will help you climb

Mountains higher than you ever dreamed of
With each step guided from heaven above

Seize the moment! Risk and try a new road.
Discarding old beliefs will lighten your load.

Rest and take breaks to nourish your power
For you are preparing to flourish and flower

While hiking the hills and wandering along,
Find your voice and sing your heart song.

Let your authentic self brilliantly shine through
And express out loud what you know to be true

The direction to go, at times, may not be clear
But trust your intuition; you know how to steer

And sparkles of knowledge once hidden from sight
Will begin to dance like a shimmering light

Showering you, making it easier to see
Suddenly you’ll feel at ease and free

Off the cliffs, toss your judgments and hurts away
You will breathe more easily and find your way

Look for the clearing with an expansive view
Of the splendid sky; a perfect blue

Know that you will make it there
God’s fragrance will fill the air

Remember to drink lots of love to quench your thirst
And taste the sweetness, with every burst

Keep climbing the magical mountain, opening as you go,
You’ll be amazed at how you begin to glow



Until recently, most people have operated with closed hearts.  The closed heart was deemed “normal” and therefore, acceptable.  To have an open heart, was sometimes even perceived as weak or soft.  Because mainstream society did not value being in touch with emotions or trusting both the heart and mind, these traits were not routinely rewarded.  However, as the masses awaken, our hearts are opening rapidly. As we evolve to higher levels of consciousness, we are each being called to open our heart.  An open heart is the baseline requirement to shift into new realities coming our way.

In this chapter the questions “What is an Open Heart?”, “How do I know if my heart is open or closed?” and “Why is it so important to have an open heart?” are answered.

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