Awakening to the Light Within


To be published in 2014! Details coming soon…

Front Cover AwakeningAmy Tang is not just someone who teaches about transformation and healing, she has lived it.  By the age of 16, she had seen it all – rage, violence, cruelty, betrayal, disappointment and misfortune.  At seventeen years of age, she humbly prayed to be an inspiration to others if she could survive the dark night of the soul.  This promise has taken decades to fulfill.  Only through a combination of reflection, contemplation, grace and miracles has she truly discovered contentment.

“Awakening to the Light Within” is the culmination of the many lessons learned on the perilous journey from hopelessness to happiness.   This transformative toolkit will  not only help you find your purpose and open your heart, but it also paves a powerful pathway to healing and wholeness.

  • Discover how and why to open your heart
  • Learn how to embrace life changes
  • Become your authentic self
  • Find your purpose


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