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brilliantly beautiful compressedSeeds of Wisdom – Just like the hardy cactus, it’s those of us who commit to a dream – against all odds, who are nurturing our own precious seeds. Instead of focusing on how fast we accomplish our dreams perhaps we should pay attention to how deeply we nurture them. Published on Amy’s Blog on 4/08/2013.

Divine Self CompressedThe Divine Self – Your Divine Self knows the deeper meaning behind your challenges and your joys, your successes and your failures.  It is aware of the role you have in the unfolding of the divine plan.  Therefore, transcending ego-based consciousness and becoming your Divine Self is essential to finding your purpose and awakening your destiny. Published on Satissimi’s Blog on 1/23/2013.

Breathing Free CompressedBreathe Easy! – Worry and anxiety are like parasites that can creep into every corner of consciousness. However, it is possible to experience precious moments of stillness between all the senseless noise and rambling thoughts. Incorporating simple breathing exercises into your daily life helps release mental chatter and reduces stress.  Published on Amy‘s Blog on 1/03/2012.

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flowers compressedWhat’s Your Essence? – As an intuitive coach and healer, I use a wide variety of tools and techniques to help clients discover their purpose.  I often start, however, with one simple question… “What’s your essence?”  This question is so important because in order to discover your purpose it is essential to explore your essence. Published on Satissimi’s Blog on 11/28/2012.

Stepping stones provide a safe passage through deep waterMoving On – If you’re experiencing endings in your life, whether it’s the loss of friendships, a relationship, a career or just dreams that haven’t come true yet, it’s helpful to follow these five steps… Published on Rational-Optimism’s Blog on 11/27/2012.

Chakra Yoga Fine ArtIn Balance – With the increased popularity of yoga and an elevated focus on healthy living, there is a deeper appreciation for the impact of chakras in our daily lives. As a life coach and healer, I’m often asked by clients, “How do I know if my chakras are in balance?” The answer is simple. When your chakras are in balance, you are more likely to be living a healthy, happy and balanced life. Published on Satissimi’s Blog on 11/01/2012.

Humpty Dumpty CompressedHumpty Dumpty – When Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, why were all the king’s men and horses unable to put Humpty Dumpty back together again? Discover why anytime you begin a new venture, you are a bit like Humpty Dumpty. Published on Amy’s Blog on 9/05/2012.

Badger CompressedCelebrating Wholeness – In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle and center”. To celebrate wholeness, create a mandala. Published on Amy’s Blog on 6/13/2012.

Healing Horses CompressedMagical Healing Horses – When you venture into the world of healing horses, your heart will be touched in such a profound way, that you’ll never be the same. These emotionally and socially intelligent creatures offer so much unconditional love and healing, they literally bring heaven to earth. Published on Amy’s Blog on 06/08/2012.

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Badger Compressed“Badgers” of HonorWhat is YOUR BADGER OF HONOR? The Badger is an animal totem that represents bold self expression and self-reliance. The Badger reminds us all that we are the keeper of important stories. Published on Amy’s Blog on 4/04/2012.

Blue Light CompressedBecoming Multidimensional – Part II – As you become multi-dimensional, five healthy patterns begin to emerge in your daily life.  Published on Amy’s Blog on 3/03/2012.

handheart compressedBecoming Multidimensional – As our hearts open and we merge with our Divine Selves, we are BECOMING MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS. Each one of us is rapidly evolving and transforming. Published on Amy’s Blog on 2/22/2012.

navigation compressedG.P.S. = God’s Positioning System – As you venture into new directions, the path may not always be clear. If you are used to operating with logic, you may experience an adjustment period when your intuition becomes your primary navigational tool. Published on Amy’s Blog on 1/11/2012.

Christmas Bells CompressedJingle Bells – Bells represent spiritual music. Discover the impact sound has on reality. Published on Amy’s Blog on 12/10/2011.

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tree compressedGrowth of Good Fortune – How does good fortune grow? By celebrating what you already have! To celebrate gratitude and nourish the growth of good fortune… Published on Amy’s Blog on 11/27/2011.

blinded woman wonderingBlind Faith – Oftentimes on your journey, you will feel as if you are blindfolded and can’t see where you are going. This is when your ability to surrender will be tested. Published on Amy’s Blog on 10/15/2011.

Writing letter to a friend.Journal Therapy – Journaling is effective in healing because it helps clear the mind, allows for self-expression, promotes conscious awareness of thoughts and feelings and enhances creativity. Published on Amy’s Blog on 9/24/2011.

Circle compressedComing Full Circle – As the 10th anniversary of September 11th approaches, Amy reflects on how this traumatic event along with a robbery in her home one month later, changed her life forever.  Published on Amy’s Blog on 8/16/2011.

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