Becoming Multidimensional – Part II

As you become multi-dimensional, the following five healthy patterns begin to emerge in your daily life:

  1.  Integrating Darkness

Knowing darkness is an important ingredient to becoming multi-dimensional.  Therefore, your shadow self emerges to be healed and integrated.  Your shadow self consists of emotions, behaviors and destructive patterns you refuse to see.  They are the aspects of yourself, you have chosen to deny – usually because of toxic shame.  As you embrace your shadow side, however, you become more whole and more consciously aware.

This is also why so many of us are currently addressing the secret perverted truths that are adversely affecting society.  Unveiling all that we have denied or suppressed is helping heal the planet and increase the frequency of the collective conscious.

 2.   Emerging Authenticity

You become more grounded and reality-centered.  You can differentiate what is fake or dishonest from what is authentic and genuine.  This allows you to be comfortable in complex, confusing situations that others might find bewildering or frightening.

But also, you become more authentic.  Any false sense of identity falls away.  Your self-worth is no longer influenced by external factors because deep down, you know who you are and you begin to express your truth freely.

 3.  Dissolving Illusions

The false illusions of separation fade away.  Embracing the polarities of good and bad, light and shadow, high and low, you appreciate and honor all aspects equally.  You also avoid adding interpretations, stories, and assumptions to situations because you understand that judgments, projections and interpretations skew your perceptions.  As you begin to see things just as they are you then see everything more clearly.

 4.  Gaining Perspective

Your perspective broadens.  You begin to see the “bigger picture”.  You also gain the ability to see patterns and relationships in organizations.  Subliminal perception becomes a valid source of intuition and you recognize the importance of subtleties.  You also have the ability to absorb new, unexpected and even unpleasant experiences and be changed by them.

 5.  Releasing Time Sensitivity

Linear time becomes less important. Becoming more deeply absorbed in meaningful activities allows a more fluid sense of timing to emerge.  Your ability to notice early clues about future developments increases, thus you take appropriate actions when the timing is right.

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