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Lights On is a FREE online educational portal for finding purpose and awakening destiny.  Through webisodes, downloadable homeplays and discussion forums, journeyers engage the heart and mind in SELF discovery.


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Here’s What Fellow Journeyers are saying about Lights On: (All names have been excluded to respect privacy)“Hello, Amy & Eileen: I was so looking forward to today -it’s the launch Mission Kit 2 and my son’s birthday. I just opened the kit and, wow, it spoke to me! I was so surprised to see that you chose a “football” theme. In my household, our lives revolve around football. Your message certainly made sense to me. 11:11 led me to your website – 11:11 and 1:11 have been giving me incessant “wake-up” nudges for over a year now (clocks, grocery receipts, addresses, etc. – non-stop)- I’m so grateful to have found the two of you. Everything you say to me makes sense – you’re leading me on the path I’ve been struggling to find. And when I found you on 11/11, a number of other “godsend” connections popped up in my path. Touchdown!! :) Thank you for doing this, ladies – I look forward to Mission Kit 3.

Love, – Canada

P.S. At the risk of seeming like a spammer, I want to mention that it’s more than just the football that spoke to me. You ladies come across as completely genuine – your message and your intention seems so pure and sincere and you seem so friendly and open – like a kind, caring neighbour.”

“I have been asking for Spiritual mentors for some time … feeling somewhat alone in my “awakening.” I did not think it would show up in the virtual world, though (LOL), but Eileen and Amy come across so honest and personable, it feels as if they are right here in my living room with me. Eileen and Amy -> Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are EXACTLY what I have been asking for! Oh, did I say Thank You?! ♥”

“I just wanted to tell you that I love your website! I went through all the mission kits and they are so interesting and inspiring. I especially love when you share your lightbulb moments.”

“I have been experiencing very strange coincidences that I now consider to be synchronicity because I think I have tuned in to the spiritual realm after spending most of life stuck in being very skeptical and rational scientific minded. I mostly ignored my intuitions and was not paying attention to these subtle clues that I was receiving… now I seem to be hyper aware of the clues and I am attracting many positive occurrences into my life that is making me grow spiritually in leaps and bounds… Pretty much like a Rocket taking off… I still don’t know how I ended up at your website… synchronicity at work… probably like a moth is drawn to a light bulb… I am almost completely in tune with what you are doing and thank you for trying to guide those of us… like me, who are a bit confused about all this… May your lights shine brightly and draw many more moths…”
“Finding this site was just proof that my Spiritual Team is a work. I just finished Mission Kit 1 and it confirmed some things about who I have felt is with me. I’m sure more will show themselves as I progress. Thank you so very much for this site and what it brings!! I am excited to find out what will happen next!”

“Thank you and many blessing to you both, i am so honour to be part of lights on and i look forward to discovering my journey, thank you again.”

“Hi, Amy and Eileen! I’m enjoying my new experience here at LightsOnBright! Thank you for creating this service and for all the heart that I feel here!”

“I am viewing the Mission Kits and it is helping me to understand my true destiny. Thank you for following your hearts destiny and starting this site. May many other souls find their way to your site.”

“I am so happy to have attracted Lights On into my life right now. This is great timing for me. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity…I can already sense that more serendipity will come into my life as my purpose begins to express itself.”

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“you rock, Lights On :) ”

“I have to say I really love your site. It’s very inspiring and powerful. I’ve learned a lot and you’ve really helped. ty much ♥”

“Wow, I am so impressed!! Lights On is amazing!!! I am so full of light :) ”

“I love you. The Mission Kits are easy to use, and allows one to focus their attention on a specific issue. Thanks, for being so dedicated to turning Lights on.”

“Thank you for all you do to help us move forward :) ”

“I love this site!!! ♥”

Thank You for all of this vital information…

“good tools”

“Thank you for being so generous with your Love and wisdom through information. . .This is a truly life-transforming process. Many Blessings to You!”

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