Transformational Coach, Author, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur

Amy-3Amy Tang is rapidly emerging as a renowned leader within the conscious wellness arena. For the past decade, she has helped transform numerous lives through inspirational coaching, blogging, playshops and speaking engagements nationwide.

Amy is the author of A Playdate with Destiny (2010) and Awakening to the Light Within (to be published). Her revolutionary story was also published in the anthology Waking Up is NOT Hard to Do (2012). She continues to frequently publish articles in online magazines and other leading-edge wellness sites. (View Press Kit)

As a social entrepreneur, Amy co-founded Lights On® – an online educational portal of self discovery. Lights On® has attracted several thousand fellow journeyers from over 55 countries worldwide. Globally, people are finding more peace, balance and success in their lives due to Lights On®. (More about Lights On®)

Prior to 2001, Amy was a Project Manager of ERP and CRM system implementations for multi-national corporations specializing in manufacturing and services worldwide. She graduated from Cornell University in 1990.  (Learn how September 11th and a robbery, one month later, changed her life forever!)

Amy lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her loving husband and two young sons. She credits her family life with providing a fertile playground of limitless inspiration.



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